Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blair Inspired

I think I'm becoming uncomfortably inspired by Mary Blair. Next project I'm moving on. This all still needs more work but I am getting on that.

New pic!


  1. I likee. I really like the little character. She looks like fun. Did you say that you're developing story to go with this character... a picture book perhaps?

    Are you just using Photoshop for the finishing technique or are you using Painter... or a combo? You're getting really cool results with the paint texture... or is it traditionally done? Oh how the computer can deceive.

  2. Oh also critique time, I hope you don't mind... I know you mentioned that it's not complete, but with the environment based piece, do you plan to add additional texture and details to the piece? The water droplets details in the foreground are great, but right now they feel a little isolated - adding some texture and detail to the rest of the piece will probably help to balance. This is looking like a cool piece, I'm excited to see the finish!